Canciones para Largos Recorridos Volumen III

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Musica para Viajar 3

Escucha y Descarga Gratis las canciones de Musica para Viajar 3

En la sección de canciones para largos recorridos encontrareis musica relajada de diferentes países, épocas y estilos musicales.

Una cuidada selección de canciones que te acompañaran en tus momentos inolvidables recorriendo el mundo.

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Selección Canciones Volumen 3

I know you aren’t the only one
I know you aren’t the only one

Be my friend
I know you aren’t the only one

Be my friend
I know you aren’t the only one, yeah

Trois musiciens, une kora (genre africaine) et des rythmes jazz, latinos..

C’est ce qui vous attend avec l’ensemble Kora Jazz Trio et leur dernier album

Le guinéen Djeli Moussa Diawara à la kora et au chant, le sénégalais Abdoulaye Diabaté au piano, Moussa Cissoko aux percussions.

Forment cet exceptionnel trio de jazz africain

Bongo – Slim & Slam

Slim & Slam fue una asociación musical a fines de la década de 1930 y principios de la década de 1940.

Compuesta por Bulee «Slim» Gaillard (voz, guitarra, vibración y piano) y Leroy Elliott «Slam» Stewart (bajo y voz).

Produjeron números novedosos de jazz con el estilo vocal distintivo de Slim con vocalese y scats , argot hipster.

Send out the rallying cry, my sisters
All over the village

Under my skin is the fire
Of rage and anger
Shouted out at the gathering of my brothers

Suffering for far too long
And in my misery
Loud and clear
At the exit of the village

Toca por primera vez en público en un concurso de la Universidad Laboral de Sevilla y con 14 años (1968) gana el primer premio como cantante.

Manuel Rodríguez Gómez conformó a los 15 años una formación dúo:

«It´s delightful», de blues, country y baladas.

Luego Iman Califaton Independiente.

Deep River – Bobby Womack

1.Deep river, my home is over Jordan
2.Deep river, you know I got long to stay here
You know I got long to stay here
My calling down the thunder
From this land just wait for me
Just wait, swimming the ocean
I make it love for you baby
Deep river, oh, I over drown
Deep river, I want to cross over into camp
Whenever I hear goodbyes, reminds me baby of you
I break down and cry, next time I’ll be true, yeah
Fever for lost romance reminds me baby of you
And I took a crazy chance
Next time I’ll be true,
I’ll be true, I’ll be true, I’ll be true
Footsteps on the dance floor reminds me
Rachel, would it be alright, if I stayed here in the car?
There’s too many people out there I don’t know
It’s not that I’m too shy or cannot be polite
I just don’t feel confident in crowds
Cali you can do what you’d like, I’ll probably be here awhile
I’ll leave you the car keys in case you want to leave
Here she comes, you better watch your step
She’s going to break your heart in two,
It’s true It’s not hard to realize
Just look into her false colored eyes
She builds you up to just put you down, what a clown
Cause everybody knows (She’s a femme fatale) 
The things she does to please (She’s a femme fatale)
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