Canciones para largos recorridos – Volumen 3

5ce3ee5bd0776602d5c9da1dd2959408.jpg En la sección de canciones para largos recorridos encontrareis música relajada de diferentes países, épocas y estilos musicales. Una cuidada selección de canciones que te acompañaran en tus momentos inolvidables recorriendo el mundo. Hasta aquí la selección de esta semana. Os deseo a todos un feliz viaje!!…
Sobre Antonio Gabriel 42 Artículos
I write based on my experiences and knowledge acquired after the passage of the years. After spending years writing little stories, comics and cooking recipes, I've found, thanks to Wordpress a means to develop my fondness for writing in a professional environment. Lucky for having visited so many countries and proud that I've spent more time, I have been accepted by the locals, and I've been able to live immersed in their cultures. India, Colombia, Morocco, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, England, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, USA, Nepal, Thailand, Andorra and Italy, they will always remain in my memory.